I’m an attorney by trade and on this specific Monday morning I was on my way to the bargaining counsel in Johannesburg on my motorcycle. As I eased into the T-junction, a car came from the right, dashing through a red robot and smashed into me. The first couple of seconds after an accident are pretty scary, especially after being flung off a motorcycle.

I immediately got up and took my helmet off. Two things you should never do just after a motorcycle accident. I walked away from the accident not realising the damage that was done at the time. I remember onlookers asking me who they could call. I then remembered to call accidentANGELS™. I just have to call my angel! I had been preparing for this for a long time. Luckily, I had my phone with me and the number installed. I made a quick call to accidentANGELS™. Everything was sorted from there.