Business Accident Plan – protect your employees with accidentANGELSTM

When your employees spend significant time on the road, ensuring their safety and well-being is important.

The Business Accident Plan offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional medical aids and hospital plans, providing superior care and protection for your team.

During office hours or while commuting, accidentANGELSTM is your partner in fostering a cared-for workforce.

Why your business needs accidentANGELSTM

For businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, the health and safety of employees are paramount.
Yet, this becomes challenging due to the high costs of medical aid.

You don’t have to break the bank with accidentANGELSTM.
Provide your team with the best possible care following a car accident, without worrying about the financial burden.

This not only elevates your employee benefits package but also shows your commitment to your team’s security and wellness.

Comprehensive employee protection on and off the road

Around-the-Clock: A Motor Vehicle Accident Plan for Your Team

This comprehensive motor vehicle accident plan ensures that your team is always under the protective wing of accidentANGELSTM, wherever they are. Protect your employees during and after office hours, whether they are driving a motor vehicle, or using public transport.

Fast recovery with
private hospital care

Following a motor vehicle accident, your employees receive immediate and premium care in private hospitals, ensuring quick recovery. This benefits the employee and aids in reducing downtime for your business.

Simplified management of employee benefits

With accidentANGELSTM, managing the health benefits of your employees is easy. Our consolidated membership plan for all your employees streamlines the process, making it effortless and efficient for your business to handle.

Employer support with COID claim submissions

We understand the complexities involved in managing COID claim submissions linked to vehicle accidents.

That’s why accidentANGELSTM assists employers, ensuring that claims are expertly handled.
This reduces administrative burdens and enhances workplace safety compliance.

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