accidentANGELS™ helped me so much through all of this. The accident happened on the 21st of February. I was on my way to varsity, a fellow student from varsity that I had never met before decided to turn into a side road on his right and my left, as I got next to him he decided he was gapping it, darted in front of me and I went into his bonnet and over it. I don’t remember much after that, apart from waking up on the road. The staff at accidentANGELS™ are absolutely phenomenal. My mom phoned, they answered straight away. When she sent a message, she got an answer straight away. Having that peace of mind to know that accidentANGELS™ will pick up and support you has made a huge difference in our lives.  accidentANGELS™ give you access to a private hospital. In my opinion you can’t afford to be without it, especially if you ride a motorcycle. They are there on call 24/7 and really helped us through a very difficult time.

accidentANGELS™ took such a weight off our shoulders because they are there for you in your time of need. They calmly step in, support you and help you right through that journey from start to finish. You don’t feel like you have subscribed to a plan. You feel like you’re part of the family at the end of the day. It’s because of accidentANGELS™ that I am still with my mom today. If it wasn’t for accidentANGELS™, there’s a strong chance I wouldn’t be here today.