Personal and Family Motor Vehicle Accident Plan – from accidentANGELSTM

Life is unpredictable, particularly when involved in a motor vehicle accident.
Your family’s safety and well-being are important, and you should have a plan in place for absolute peace of mind on the roads.

The accidentANGELSTM Personal and Family Accident Plan offers comprehensive protection at competitive prices to suit your budget.

For as little as R149 per month for the main member, you can secure up to R200 000 in funds, with options extending to R1 million.
You can also add a dependant for only R99 per month.

What do you get? A plan that ensures that in the event of an accident, you and your loved ones gain immediate access to
quality private medical care and financial support.

With accidentANGELSTM, you can focus on what’s most important – your family’s fast recovery without the burden of high medical costs.


Motorvehicle R200 000 R1 Million
Main member R149 p.m. R259 p.m.
Dependant R99 p.m. R147 p.m.

Why your family needs accidentANGELSTM

In South Africa, where full medical aid and hospital plans can sometimes seem out of reach, accidentANGELSTM stands as a crucial safety net for your family. Say goodbye to traditional plans with complicated fine print and cover limitations!

Our affordable accident plan bridges the gap, giving you clear, reliable protection against the unexpected costs of motor vehicle accidents.

With accidentANGELSTM, you are guaranteed private hospital care, essential medical services, and unwavering support – no medical aid or hospital plan needed. Choose us for your family’s well-being, and rest assured that you will receive the best possible care and peace of mind, no matter what the road ahead holds.

Quick and easy hospital access in an emergency

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, immediate medical attention is crucial. With accidentANGELSTM, there is no waiting period. We guarantee fast access to private hospital emergency rooms, with an instant R10,000 on your accidentANGELSTM MasterCard® for treatments, including X-rays and follow-up visits.

Our commitment is to ensure your care is immediate and seamless, right from the accident scene.

Comprehensive motor vehicle accident plan for every family member

Our plan is more than initial emergency care. In cases of serious injuries requiring hospital admission, we provide up to R1 million in coverage, paid directly to the hospital.

This support covers in-patient treatments following a car accident, ensuring that your family’s health needs are met without financial stress.

Unique features of our Personal and Family Accident Plan

Emergency Medical Transportation:
Ready when you need it

Whether by road or helicopter, we guarantee emergency medical transportation to a private hospital following any motor vehicle accident.

Being an accidentANGELSTM member means you receive the fastest and most appropriate medical care, whatever your situation may be.

Child Minder Feature:
Your child’s safety, our priority

In the unlikely event that your child is in the car during an accident and is unharmed, our childminder benefit steps in. We go the extra mile to ensure that they are cared for and safe until a family member can be by their side. Trust accidentANGELSTM to give you peace of mind about your child’s well-being in these critical moments.

Hassle-Free Claim Management:
Let us help you

Navigating accident claims can be overwhelming. That’s why our experts manage any valid road accident claims on your behalf. The process is streamlined, ensuring you get the support and compensation you’re entitled to, without the added stress.

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