Deep potholes, broken traffic lights, bad infrastructure, and a lack of general maintenance – your daily commute can come with a lot of challenges in this country.

Add in reckless driving and unpredictable weather, and it’s the perfect storm for a motor vehicle accident waiting to happen.

The Alarming Accident Stats

Over the 2023/2024 festive period, for example, a staggering 1184 fatal crashes unfolded on South Africa’s roads with 40.9% involving pedestrians, 33.6% passengers, 24.6% drivers, and 0.8% cyclists.

The real shocker: Only 16% of our population has some sort of medical aid plan.

What Causes Car Accidents?

Those menacing potholes have unfortunately become synonymous with travel and pose serious threats to road safety in South Africa. Delayed repairs allow potholes to multiply in neighbourhoods, creating a maze for unsuspecting drivers.

Insufficient draining systems compound some of these driving problems too. During heavy rainfall, inadequate infrastructure transforms roads into mini rivers, accelerating the deterioration even more.

These poor road conditions, linked to ignored and slow government maintenance efforts, contribute to increased accidents on what should be routine commutes in neighbourhoods.

The Community Heroes Setting An Example

 South Africa grapples with a statistic that is horrific to think about: 14,000 fatal accidents that happen every year.

Amidst the challenges, there is hope that emerges from citizens who care. One example recently has been from Stuart Norman and his community in Parktown around Zoo Lake in Johannesburg. They have successfully cleaned out 8 stormwater drains that were seriously affecting roads in their area – something that made daily commutes very dangerous.

At times in South Africa, one must take matters into their own hands and Stuart’s example is a great story of resilience and a commitment to road safety.

Jumping Government Hurdles

 Bureaucratic challenges can further complicate effective road maintenance. Delays in local administrative duties can slow down crucial road infrastructure projects, leaving communities just having to deal with it.

accidentANGELS Calls For Safety

 The accidentANGELS team acknowledges the everyday issues and advocates for road safety. Our mission extends beyond just giving our members the guarantee of private hospitalisation after a road accident on an affordable monthly plan.

We aim to shine a spotlight on the challenges and foster an ANGELS community that demands change, pushing towards safer roads and safer families.

Have no medical aid or hospital plan?

For those seeking an affordable accident plan with guaranteed private hospitalisation as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment costs, accidentANGELS has solutions for you.

Take safety in your own hands.

Trevor Case
Angel in Charge

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