On Thursday, 4 September 2014, Andrew Girdlestone purchased a secondhand 3-series BMW from Lyndhurst Auto. Upon making the purchase at the dealership, he was offered a number of products, including credit life insurance, motor warranty and a service plan. The Finance and Insurance consultant, Liesl Fhorbesch, also offered him accidentANGELS™. He had little or no medical benefits and would therefore not qualify for treatment at a private medical facility in the event of an accident.

Fortunately for Andrew, he made life-saving investment by joining accidentANGELS™.

On the evening of Sunday, 7 September, whilst returning from OR Tambo international airport, Andrew swerved to avoid a pedestrian running across the M99 highway. His car left the freeway, travelled through a parking lot of a building adjacent to the road, and landed on the N12 highway.

Emergency services personnel had to cut Andrew out of his vehicle and rush him to Johannesburg General Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition – with no form of identification. Due to the shortage of ICU beds, he was placed in a general ward.

On Monday, 8 September, Andrew’s sister Nicola contacted the accidentANGELS™ office to inform us of her brother’s hospitalisation and enquire about his accidentANGELS™ benefits. Our partners, ER24, raced through to Johannesburg General, and moved Andrew to Sandton


“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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