An accident plan
that guarantees
private hospitalisation

For only R149 per month, accidentANGELSTM guarantees access to private hospital care after a motor vehicle accident – no medical aid or hospital plan is required. Protect yourself and your family today!

    How our accident plan works:

    If you are involved in a road accident and sustain injuries, here’s how accidentANGELSTM helps you.

    Immediate Hospital Admission:

    ER24 emergency services will promptly transport you to the closest private hospital from the scene, ensuring efficient medical care.

    Financial Support:

    When you arrive at the hospital, up to R10 000 is loaded onto your accidentANGELSTM Mastercard for outpatient care. This fund is readily available to cover your initial medical expenses.

    Hospitalisation and Treatment Benefits:

    In the event of hospital admission, you are guaranteed access to private hospital care without delay. The treatment benefit amount you have pre-selected is paid directly to the private hospital, covering the costs of your medical treatment.

    Emergency Room Care:

    Should you require treatment in the emergency room, the process is seamless. After the treatment is administered and invoiced, the accidentANGELSTM Mastercard is used for payment, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.

    Our Affordable Accident Plans

    Standard Accident Plan

    Experience absolute security with our affordable R200 000 motor vehicle accident plan for just R149 per month. Additionally, each dependant can be included for only R99 per month.

    Elite Accident Plan

    Elevate your protection on the roads with our R1 million motor vehicle accident plan for just R259 per month. Additionally, each dependant can be included for only R147 per month.

    “All their interactions with me had a personal touch and they treated me with genuine empathy, and this is one of the reasons I would recommend this benefit to all my friends.”

    Karmen de Wet

    “It was a great decision! The service I received from all the staff members was impeccable. They were very helpful and impressively efficient. It truly is a benefit that no car owner should go without.”

    Ntuba Desmond Kose

    “From bad to good, to BETTER with Angels. It is refreshing to deal with an insurance company that actually care. Don’t stop what you are doing because it works.”

    Andre van Straaten

    Key benefits of our accident plan

    Experience comprehensive protection that provides peace of mind on the roads, for various situations:

    Private Hospital Care:

    Receive the highest quality medical treatment in private hospitals following a vehicle accident. Our plan ensures that you are not just treated promptly but with the utmost care and attention.

    Protection Beyond Car Ownership:

    Whether you’re carpooling, using public transport, or don’t own a car, our plan has got your back. We understand that accidents can happen in various scenarios, and we’re here to protect you.

    Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists:

    South African roads pose risks not limited to drivers. Our plan extends its protection to pedestrians caught in an accident or while you’re enjoying a cycle around town.

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      Yes, unless the MVA event is life threatening and the nearest facility is a state hospital. Once stable the accidentANGELS™ member will then be transported to a private hospital.

      In the unlikely event that you can’t be identified and you’re taken to a state hospital, we’ll ensure that you are transferred to a private hospital as soon as we are notified of the accident.

      You will still be transported to a private hospital.

      You or your family will be contacted to inform you that the benefit is insufficient, giving you or your family the time to arrange additional finance. Failing this once the funds have been exhausted, we’ll arrange for you to be transported to a state facility to continue treatment and recovery.

      We’ll replace your MasterCard at a nominal fee of R150.

      We provide a 24 hour window period for you to claim, following the motor vehicle accident. The member needs to call us before seeking treatment in order for funds to be transferred to the accidentANGELS™ MasterCard®. A police MVA report needs to be submitted within 48 hours post treatment to accidentANGELS™. Failure to do so will result in an investigation and possible legal recovery of the benefit paid.

      The credit guarantee is repayable from the proceeds of such a claim as soon as the Road Accident Fund (RAF) claim is paid to you, as the member. Any proceeds from the RAF above the claim amount will be paid to you, as the member.