the story that keeps on saving lives

How we started to fly

With only 17% of South Africans having access to medical aid
and almost 800 accidents requiring medical attention daily,
a need for an ANGEL was evident.

The accidentANGELSTM motivation.
Private Hospitalization Guarantee.

South Africa’s reality is that the majority of citizens do not have access to private medical care when they need it most.
This struck home for our founder Trevor Case when a car hit him while cycling. Trevor and his friend needed immediate care while badly hurt.

His own experience highlighted the privilege of immediate access to private medical treatment, contrasting with the hardship faced by those who must navigate the aftermath of a road accident without a plan or government hospital where there are long queues and a lack of funding.

With medical aids and medical insurance often unaffordable, initiatives like accidentANGELSTM were needed to ensure everyone had access to quality care to bridge the gap in access to healthcare.

accidentANGELSTM making a difference

Unique Value Proposition

When an accident happens,
our promise is immediate and
guaranteed access to quality care
in a private hospital.

Impact on South Africans

When an accident happens,
our promise is immediate and
guaranteed access to quality
care in a private hospital.

Our core values

At accidentANGELSTM, these principles embody who we are, what we stand for and how we aim to make a difference:


For the rights and well-being
of our members, working to ensure they
receive private healthcare.


We commit to immediate and guaranteed
access to private hospitals after an accident,
bridging the gap between private and public
healthcare systems.


We want to make sure
our members feel supported
and cared for during difficult times.

The wings behind the mission

The team at accidentANGELSTM are not just employees, they are guardians who embody dedication, compassion and
commitment to making a difference in the lives of people they encounter every day.

Whether it’s the courier, the individual administering medication,
or the member lying in a hospital bed, each team member wants to leave a positive mark on every person’s life.

By ourselves,
and as a collective,
we can make that difference

A word from Trevor Case

Here’s what our Angel in Charge had to say about his proudest moment with accidentANGELSTM:

“There are probably around 25 people who are alive today because of something we created. A family still has a mom, a brother, a sister. I’m proud to have brought accidentANGELSTM to market and it has grown into something instrumental in saving lives.”


“From bad to good, to BETTER with Angels. It is refreshing to deal with an insurance company that actually care. Don’t stop what you are doing because it works.”

Andre van Straaten

“It was a great decision! The service I received from all the staff members was impeccable. They were very helpful and impressively efficient. It truly is a benefit that no car owner should go without.”

Ntuba Desmond Kose

“All their interactions with me had a personal touch and they treated me with genuine empathy, and this is one of the reasons I would recommend this benefit to all my friends.”

Karmen de Wet

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