My fiancé applied for an accidentANGELS™ membership in 2014 when he purchased a new vehicle. I’d not given a thought to my membership until 2016 when I was involved in a collision.

One morning in June 2016 another driver skipped a stop at an intersection, crashing into my vehicle. The driver admitted guilt and promised to cover my medical expenses, so I immediately went to my doctor who then sent me for x-rays. Due to the extent of my injuries I was referred to a specialist for further treatment. While sitting at a state hospital at 8pm that night, I remembered my accidentANGELS™ benefit. I phoned the number on my card and was immediately taken care of. Though the care received from the hospital leaves much to be desired, every interaction with accidentANGELS™ and the emergency personnel was superb – they assisted me throughout the process and saw to it that all my medical expenses were covered.

accidentANGELS™ service has been fantastic – they’re fast, efficient and answer your calls no matter the time of day. The efficiency of how they manage claims is simply wonderful. I could definitely recommend accidentANGELS™to other people and am renewing my policy. A big thank you to Cari in particular for her assistance throughout the process!

Miss. K. Farr

“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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