When visiting my local bike shop I saw a poster for accidentANGELS™and after much research on the net, decided to sign up… which later turned out to be a very smart decision.

My usual Sunday breakfast ride with a friend soon went from good to bad as I was about to exit the tunnel at Hartebeesport Dam. I can’t say for sure what happened but according to onlookers my tyres lost traction and I was high-sided. As I struggled to regain control of my bike I went straight into the oncoming traffic which left me severely injured. As I lay unconscious from trauma to the head, my friend found my accidentANGELS™ card in my wallet and made the necessary calls. Thankfully, paramedics who were returning from a nearby bike rally stopped to help and got me stabilised.

I went to the nearest hospital being a public facility, which accidentANGELS™ then intervened and moved me to a private hospital. While I was in ICU, despite feeling very foggy, I can recall an accidentANGELS™ representative talking to my wife to ensure I was receiving the very best medical care.

Since the accident, accidentANGELS™ have been in contact following up on my progress, and I have to add, all interaction via email and phone have been an absolute pleasure. It is refreshing to deal with an insurance company that actually care. Don’t stop what you are doing because it works.


“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.