A few weeks ago I was driving home along a dirt road and without warning I hit some loose gravel. I lost control and rolled my car. That is the last thing I remember about the evening. Next thing I knew, I woke up in hospital covered in blood. My first thought was “How did I get here?”.

I wasn’t concerned about the accident – instead I wondered how I’d been admitted to a private facility since I don’t have medical aid. I was informed that my mom and brother had paid almost R24 000 from their own pockets to cover my hospital admission, head scans and medical care. My family had been told I was probably not going to make it alive, but luckily for me they rallied around me and made a plan.

Imagine their relief when I woke up and explained to them that less than three months ago I’d signed up for a product called accidentANGELS™.

This product was our saving grace in an incredibly difficult time – they paid all my medical bills without a single question even though I have been a member for less than three months! Within 24 hours (and on a Saturday) my brother and my mother had been reimbursed in full. I was amazed!

Upon my release, all my hospital bills had been settled in full, and my future bills for reconstructive surgery and chiropractic consultations were also covered.

I cannot explain how wonderful the accidentANGELS™ service has been; not only was an angel watching over me on the night I rolled my car, but the earth angels who work at  accidentANGELS™ had become a constant feature in my life throughout my recovery.

I cannot recommend this product enough to all of those who travel our roads every day.

Thank you to all the angels at accidentANGELS™.

Ms. M. Visser

“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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