I took out accidentANGELS™ membership when I bought my car as it was offered as an option during the purchase and seemed like a good idea since I had no medical aid.

I was driving home from work on the Schoemanskloof Nelspruit road one morning in March this year when I started feeling dizzy and disoriented. I lost consciousness and my car went off the road. I crashed into a tree in a dip next to the road and woke up, dazed and confused.

I contacted accidentANGELS™ after the accident and was taken straight to a private hospital – Mediclinic Nelspruit.

Luckily I hadn’t suffered severe injuries, but the airbag which had deployed during the accident had injured my chest. Musa and Cari from accidentANGELS™ were most helpful in giving me the care and attention I needed during this period and offered impeccable service through it all.

I was so impressed by the service and the benefits that I’ve urged my employer to get the accidentANGELS™ membership for all our drivers (approximately 50 people on SA roads every day) and we’re busy organising membership for the whole team. accidentANGELS™ is affordable, reliable, the product and benefits are easy to understand and claiming is a breeze.


“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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