I had just bought my new car when the accident happened. Thankfully one of the benefits the dealership offered with the sale was accidentANGELS™ membership!

While driving on the N2 on my way home from the car dealership, I was distracted by two animals on the road. Rain was pouring down that evening and as I tried to avoid the animals, my car started skidding on the wet road. I lost control and my vehicle ended up rolling over a hill off the highway.

I was unconscious when the ambulance arrived and had broken my left femur. When I woke up I asked to be moved to a private hospital as I already had medical aid. Even though I hadn’t had time to activate my membership card yet (because the crash happened on the same day I joined), the accidentANGELS™ staff provided impeccable service and expressed genuine empathy.

I was very impressed by their high level of professionalism and I would most certainly recommend accidentANGELS™ to anyone – whether you have medical aid or not.


“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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