I just want to thank everyone at accidentANGELS™ for fast, professional, and excellent service, when my family needed you most! We really appreciate the way that your colleague, Cari, managed our claim – from the accident through to this very day. She’s a true ACCIDENT ANGEL and I thank God for putting Cari and Mr. Trevor Case in the position to assist us.

“Cari has kept in touch week after a week to check up on us  – something no one else would think of. accidentANGELS™ has been open to our questions and queries 24/7 – friendly, helpful and ready to assist whatever our concern. And the best part; a personal visit at work from Mr. Trevor Case to find out in person how I am and if there’s anything else I may need. They have gone the extra mile to assure me that they’re here to help us until my husband and I have fully recovered.

Where – in this day and age – can you still expect this kind of service and empathy?

I thank God for these two people, and ask that He bless this company!

I will definitely be an ambassador for accidentANGELS™.”

Mrs. R. Venter

Details of incident:

Mr. and Mrs. Venter were involved in a car accident at about 3:00 in the morning on 16 April. Mrs. Venter immediately called us and we dispatched an ambulance to the scene who took Mr. and Mrs. Venter to Mediclinic Limpopo where they were treated for minor injuries. After a follow-up call to Mrs. Venter, I transferred funds to her card for a follow-up visit at the hospital to check up on some worrying aches and pains. They were seen late yesterday afternoon and everything went very smoothly.

Mr. and Mrs. Venter are now recovering and are impressed with the accidentANGELS™ benefit.

We also want to thank ER24 and the Mediclinic staff for their phenomenal service!

“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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