On my way to the office, my car – and my day – unexpectedly spun out of control. AccidentANGELS™ took care of me and gave me much less to worry about.

I was driving on the R569 during lunch time when my car got clipped on the driver’s side by another car going in the opposite direction. I lost control of the car and it spun wildly on the highway. It finally came to a standstill and a few minutes later I phoned the paramedics and my wife.

I had a few scratches on my face and other minor injuries that were taken care of at a public hospital, but I was released the same day. When I got home, I was still in pain so with the help of accidentANGELS™ I was admitted to Botshilu Private Hospital.

I couldn’t have asked for better service from accidentANGELS™! I have been telling everyone how fantastic they are, and I’ve even decided to get all my family members this wonderful benefit.


“Don’t drive faster than your ANGEL can fly”

*The image is a representation and not actual accident imagery.

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