Imagine this: You’re in excruciating pain after being involved in a road accident waiting for help to arrive. Every second that ticks by feels like an eternity, and you feel that scary uncertainty of whether you’re going to get the help you need. Will you be taken to the closest hospital? Will you get responders to look at your injuries? Or do you have to deal with it..?

The Public vs. Private Divide in South Africa

 This is a concerning reality in the country where the response time for public ambulance services may often range from 30 minutes to over 2 hours while dealing with a shortage of ambulances in some areas. While the public sector struggles with limited resources and overburdened systems, more citizens are looking to private companies for help. We also have to note the government’s incompetency regarding the maintenance and organisation of emergency vehicles and personnel. As always, you never know what you’re going to get.

An added worry? The costs of getting quality care and access to a private hospital.

accidentANGELS and ER24: Hope when you need it most

Recognising the issues in the country and the skyrocketing costs of medical aid and benefits, accidentANGELS has partnered with ER24, ensuring quick and reliable assistance when members are involved in a road accident. We know that the expertise of ER24 is an important step in safeguarding lives. They aim to respond to the scene within 15 minutes of an emergency call, with their mobile units always in contact with their call centre. What’s more is that the hub can dispatch additional units in the area for backup.

Quick response at an accident scene

At the scene of a road accident, ER24’s trained responders work quickly to stabilise patients before transporting them to the closest private hospital if necessary. This involves controlling bleeding, immobilising fractures or injuries, ensuring oxygen supply and assessing one’s vital signs.

At accidentANGELS, we believe that quality healthcare shouldn’t come at a high cost, and that’s why our ER24 benefit represents the most important part of a probable serious road accident – immediate action. And with affordable rates for our accident plans for you and your family, action can be taken.

Affordable quality healthcare

When you sign up for the accidentANGELS accident plan, you’re getting capable medical professionals on the scene who WILL transport you to the closest private medical facility for treatment. Ensure you and your loved ones receive prompt and reliable emergency care when it matters most – starting from only R149pm. Check it out here.

Be safe out on the roads and remember – don’t’ drive faster than your angel can fly!

Trevor Case
Angel in Charge

Brought to you by accidentANGELS

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