Have you been guilty of checking a message on your phone while driving? Or zone out on your regular commute? 😳 In today’s world, distracted driving can lead to road accidents in an instant. Here’s what you can do…

The Impact Of Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted (DWD) poses a risk on South Africa’s roads, with 60% to 80% of car accidents attributed to this behaviour, according to MasterDrive, a leading authority in driver training and road safety. Eugene Herbert, MasterDrive CEO, points out the harsh reality of the statistics out there, “Think of each person that has lost a life while driving distracted as a living, human being with family, friends and colleagues, whose loss will irrevocably change lives.”

The Alarming Statistics on Distracted Driving

  • 25% of motor vehicle accidents are linked to drivers using their cell phones.
  • 52% of drivers involved in a road accident admit to playing on their radio.
  • 32% of road accidents are caused by a driver eating or drinking.
  • A driver is also 8 times more likely to crash when reaching for an object.
  • Answering a message on your phone takes away 5 seconds of your attention – or even longer.

Mindful Driving Tips

In a past interview with accidentANGELS, Dr Lee Randall, co-founder of the Road Ethics Project, provided insight into how one can stay present while driving. “Sometimes you find your mental attention drifting – bring yourself back to the here-and-now by narrating your driving experience,” she explains, “as humans, we tend to underestimate risks when it comes to highly familiar tasks and situations.”

Check out these 5 steps to drive with more safety in mind:

  1. Concentrate: Actively scan the road, use the mirrors and watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.
  2. Avoid eating or drinking: Plan to eat meals or snacks before or after your trip.
  3. Put your phone away: Never text, read emails or scroll through social media while driving. Turn your phone off, and put it out of reach.
  4. Prep your trip: Decide on your route and check traffic conditions beforehand.
  5. Passenger safety: Make sure children and pets are safely using their seatbelts, in their carriers, harnesses etc. This prevents them from moving around which can be a distraction.

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