There is a daily flow of traffic on the way to work when suddenly, a pedestrian is struck by a passing vehicle. In that moment of crisis, what happens? Emergency services arrive but the statistics say that most have zero accident plan or medical aid cover in place to take them to a quality private hospital – with emergency services costs and private hospital stays that will cripple their wallet, too.

The medical aid stats that show the struggle

Let’s take a look at the numbers ER24 shared with the accidentANGELS team showing all calls received from April 2023 to March 2024 to paint the picture of road accidents and access to private hospitals:

  • Of the 461 nationwide incidents involving a bus or taxi accident, only 195 individuals had medical aid in place to help them with treatment. That’s only 42%!
  • With 2525 national incidents involving a pedestrian in a road accident, only 937 individuals had access to medical aid. That sits a huge 63% with no plan in place!
  • For accidents involving a car, truck, or motorbike, only 56% of individuals had a medical aid plan to rescue them from injuries.

Reliance on Public EMS vs. Private EMS

According to Business Day, at the beginning of 2023, provincial health departments were operating only 49% of the 6824 ambulances, while they aimed for a ratio of one ambulance per 10,000 people on average. Another problem at the government level? Staff shortages and lack of funds in the right places. Another picture from the account: the North West province operates at just 18.9% of the ambulances it needs, with the Western Cape at 21.1%.

Slow response times, inadequate medical supplies, and understaffed facilities further compound the challenges faced.

A quality accident plan that can save your life

A solution to South Africans? Getting a cost-effective accident plan for you and your family from accidentANGELS, offering access to ER24 emergency medical services following a road accident. Our plan not only provides financial peace of mind but ensures swift access to private hospital care when it matters most.

Tips for general road safety

Overall, while the country’s solution requires more effort from the government, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and others on the road:

For drivers: Anticipate potential hazards and prepare to react. Stay alert and avoid distractions on your phone.

For cyclists: Always wear a helmet, which reduces the risk of severe head trauma in the event of an accident. Remember to prioritise lights and reflective gear to enhance your visibility.

For pedestrians: Use designated pedestrian walks and avoid distractions such as phones or listening to music while crossing the street.

Affordable healthcare is possible with an angel

If you have no medical aid or accident plan in place, check out accidentANGELS’ solutions here. Starting from only R149pm, you CAN be guaranteed medical care at a private hospital after a road accident.

Be safe out on the roads and remember – don’t’ drive faster than your angel can fly!

Trevor Case
Angel in Charge

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