When we’re out on the roads, we all hope for the best and need to be prepared for the unexpected – because an accident can happen at any time. Dodgy road conditions, wet weather, another bad driver, and a loss of focus. It happens quickly. That’s where Chery Angels comes in! Since its launch in November 2022, the membership programme, exclusive to Chery Midrand, has been a true game-changer!

Thanks to its unique offering of accidentANGELS benefits, hundreds of Chery owners have joined in just a few months, with 1 in 5 taking the extra step of adding their loved ones as dependants onto their plans – a testament to the value and need of urgent healthcare costs in the case of a road accident.

Important benefits in case of a car accident

What truly sells the idea of Chery Angels with individuals walking into Chery Midrand? The comprehensive support that prepares one for those unexpected moments:

  • Up to R200 000 for inpatient hospital costs.
  • ER24 emergency transport to the closest private hospital after a road accident.
  • An ANGELS card loaded with R10 000 for immediate access to emergency room costs.
  • GUARANTEED admission to a private hospital, irrespective if one has medical aid or not.

At ANGELS, we’ll say it time and time again – the benefits of getting swift care and guaranteed admission to a private hospital cannot be overstated. With world-class facilities and professionals, you’re ensured of a smoother recovery process.

Complementing existing medical aid plans

One important advantage of Chery Angels is its ability to seamlessly complement any existing medical aid and gap cover plans. Staff at Chery Midrand also highlight this unique offering as a deciding factor for many new owners when purchasing a new vehicle.

A sense of belonging with an angel

Chery Angels has fostered a sense of belonging within the branch. One staff member remarked, “It has helped to make clients feel like family members of Chery Midrand, as we care about their health after taking delivery.”

An affordable accident plan for your family

The peace of mind Chery Angels provides is priceless. Whether one has existing medical aid or not, the comprehensive car accident plan offers value and support during challenging times.

Be safe out on the roads and remember – don’t’ drive faster than your angel can fly!

Trevor Case
Angel in Charge

Brought to you by accidentANGELS