The current situation in South Africa is like being stuck on a rollercoaster that doesn’t end, where the ticket price keeps increasing, and the relief of an easy, smoother track remains a distant outcome.

That never-ending limbo where the cost of medical aid in our country keeps rising, yet the promised ideals of the National Health Insurance (NHI) remain a very distant and up-in-the-air destination with many obstacles. 

The NHI, recently signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa, aims to create universal health coverage. However, its implementation comes with many challenges. Especially with recent coalition politics and complexities on the way after elections, the public healthcare system under the NHI will shift responsibility to a national fund. This could undermine the effectiveness of local healthcare delivery and more.

The high cost and challenges of medical aid in South Africa

According to an article on NEWS24 recently, this rollercoaster created by NHI changes has impacted how much current medical aid members are paying monthly – ranging from 25 – 30% more than necessary due to regulatory instability.

Provincial governments currently hold local public healthcare responsibilities, and with the NHI transition, there are two possibilities: give in or go into long legal battles delaying implementation overall. Already, we’ve seen pushback due to the law’s lack of clarity and constitutionality.

How the NHI bill can affect your finances

As ANGELS has said before, the financial feasibility of the NHI also brings about some issues. Significant economic growth and additional tax revenue are needed, which seems unlikely given the current fiscal constraints.

accidentANGELS: Guaranteed private hospitalisation after a road accident

While we wait for the rollercoaster to stop and the dust to settle on NHI, protecting yourself and your family becomes paramount. Road accidents can happen at any time, and ensuring you have access to private hospital care should be at the top of your priority list. With accidentANGELS’ affordable road accident plans, there is that guarantee for you and your dependants.

This all means you have peace of mind on the roads, knowing that you’ll receive quality care without the financial strain. As for the future of healthcare in South Africa, it is complex and high medical aid costs over the next while may just be in the firing line and continue to soar. You need reliability and first-rate care with an ANGEL by your side.

Angel in Charge,
Trevor Case

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