It’s supposed to be a time for heartfelt celebration, visiting family, traditions honoured, and taking some time off work to have a well-deserved rest. As the Easter weekend approaches, the joyful holiday period is often overshadowed by road accidents and fatalities all across the country. A lot of South Africans embark on journeys far and near, but the sad reality is that a good 84% of the population have no medical insurance in place in case they’re in an accident.

What do the stats say?

According to last year’s State of Road Safety Report for Easter 2023 from the Road Traffic Management Corporation, fatal road crashes increased by a staggering 33%, with fatalities rising by 37% compared to 2022. The Easter period usually witnesses a significant influx of travellers, like holidaymakers, migrant workers, or tourists, which leads to more long-distance travel via bus, taxi, cars, etc. So, what can we do?

Getting an affordable accident plan

 In light of the damning stats, it’s important to focus on the importance of securing an affordable accident plan for safe travels during Easter 2024. While the news reports focus on safety measures, watching out for bad weather, or checking the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle, the talk around actual hospital plans and medical benefits needs to be in the spotlight.

That’s where we come in!

With an accidentANGELS membership, you have a comprehensive solution and accident plan options at an affordable monthly subscription.

The ANGELS Promise: Ensuring private hospital care

Don’t leave your safety to chance this Easter weekend. Make sure you and your loved ones are guaranteed to get admitted to a private hospital for treatment after a motor vehicle accident. What’s more is that you’re protected as a driver, passenger, cyclist, or pedestrian – in a bus, taxi, truck, your vehicle or someone else’s.

Cheap medical aid? There is a way…

We get it – insurance and medical aid monthly payments can be overwhelming, and comfortably affording a plan for you and your family is going to cost a few hundred truckloads of Easter bunnies – plus more.

That’s why accidentANGELS is so different! We specialise in providing hospital and emergency cover in the case of a road accident. Our plans guarantee you get prompt, world-class treatment in a private hospital so you’re protected in those unforeseen situations, without breaking the bank.

Be safe this Easter period and remember – don’t drive faster than your angel can fly!

Trevor Case
Angel in Charge

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