Right now, South Africa’s middle class are facing a storm of financial pressures, with the rising cost of living and stagnant wage growth putting pressure on household budgets. Petrol prices are soaring, food prices are up, entertainment expenses have skyrocketed and our pockets are impacted by rising inflation and consumer debt.

The squeeze is undeniable and one area that is often in conversation is the realm of private medical care where increasing premiums of medical aid schemes are becoming unaffordable for the vast majority. The alarm bells are loud – the country’s “missing middle” are struggling – the segment of our society that earns too much to qualify for state subsidies but too little to comfortably afford private medical cover.

The middle-class families and healthcare costs

According to BusinessTech, the middle-class group includes households bringing in at least R22,000+ per month. However, most medical aid premiums for a family of four can easily exceed R6000 per month, consuming a substantial part of a middle-class budget. This is a gloomy outlook as this affordability crisis has a roll-on effect for the country’s economic stability. The middle class is the backbone of South Africa’s tax base, and their financial wellness is important for sustaining the country’s economic growth.

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A safety net for you and your family

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Trevor Case
Angel in Charge

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